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IT Consulting is a full service for healthcare solutions focused on maximum return investment, helps to increasing revenues with decreasing re-admissions as well as improving productivity for the clients. We are the ones who provides you low-cost, offshore business solutions for U.S. healthcare providers and billing companies.

IT Consulting focus healthcare services with advanced technologies that help you to achieve a distinct business advantage. We provides you a unique combination of technology with development and custom solutions. We understand client needs and the issues that are facing healthcare today, and we always ensure those needs that are important for decision making.

IT Consulting analytics and intelligence solutions help you to explore and analyze data to get insights, not easily inferred from static reports as well as connect the dots to improve patient care.

Our expert team provides toolkits, data warehouse services and enterprise data management solutions that will help you:

  • Identify correlations in your patient, clinical and financial data
  • Provide visual performance dashboards of Revenue , operational and clinical data
  • Identify potential operational inefficiencies and key performance indicators to improve quality of your life with proper care.

Our Vision

Improve Healthcare for all


Our Mission

Build creative partnerships with organizations and communities passionate about improving healthcare.

IT Consulting Group, one stop solution for healthcare services is designed to improve end user experience empowering IT solution that creates efficiency, reduces cost and increases internal communication.