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Healthcare Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are different in other industry but in  healthcare industry, it is a matter of life and death. That underscores a fundamental difference in applying machine learning to health and healthcare. The importance of AI in healthcare is used to detect the diseases and accordingly provide treatments, which is fundamentally different from other areas where AI & machine learning have used.

IT Consulting provide Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning service  that help to diagnose disease better and earlier, treat illness more precisely and engage patients more efficiently than today’s healthcare system does.

IT Consulting service help you decide what current AI and Machine Learning can do for your business and implement the use cases.

Benefits of AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare:

  • AI and Machine learning powered diagnostics using patient’s unique history helps  to reduce health risks
  • Leverage predictive analytics to reduce patient re-admission rates
  • Medical Imaging diagnostics to aid radiologists
  • Predicting hospitals read mission
  • Claims fraud detection
  • Improving clinical workflow

What we are working on?

Traditional Machine Learning and deep learning

IT Consulting is focusing  in different fields for healthcare company, machine learning projects related to regulation and compliance, accounting, HR, operations, technology and other functions among many other machine learning and deep learning projects.

Machine learning frameworks

We use all open source machine learning and big data frameworks and platforms to ensure that any new breakthrough in AI technologies can be seamlessly adapted in the future. 

Predictive Analytics

We are trying to reach  few pharmacy clients to predict the sales of their new drugs using AI and machine learning and historic sales data. 

Our Process

Understand your requirement

Our first goal is to understand your business requirements along with data. We have experts in each field of healthcare industry who understand your business  so we can develop solutions accordingly.

Proof of concept

Once we understand your use case and data as per your needs, we can build a proof of concept.


Once proof of concept is complete and all your stakeholders are onboard, we can do full implementation as per your requirements and suggestions. We can also try to maintain the models with any requirement changes.