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Healthcare B2B Marketing

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We are integrated marketing providers for Healthcare B2B strategies, experience and business goals to drive growth for Healthcare Enterprises and SMB Companies.

IT consulting services is a one stop solution for all your B2B marketing strategies, we understand the healthcare industry and offers an array of services to ensure the money invested in marketing produces the results companies expect.

Data Enrichment

IT Consulting Group are committed to providing services that put the needs of our customers first with considerable experience and competence in providing high fidelity data enrichment services. Our globally experienced and skilled staff is able to carry out high-fidelity data enrichment for a wide variety of projects. We are the ideal outsourcing provider to support your organization with your data enrichment needs.

Appointment Setting

IT consulting Group combines experienced appointment setters with up-to-date, advanced technology that provides you the best possible opportunities for your sales team. Our appointment scheduling services guarantee the lowest cost per sale with the highest sales conversions. All B2B appointment setting services maintain excellent quality.

Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) creates an aligned sales and marketing process that builds relationships with a targeted list of your top prospects, it helps to grow your business revenue and your organization reputation

With advances in marketing technologies Account Based Marketing is now effective for all levels of healthcare and technology companies selling B2B.

IT consulting services provide and manage your target account list in a centralized location so it’s ready for use in all your campaigns. We help to reach your target audiences with ‘zero waste’ advertising that attracts only the accounts you want.

We also identify the anonymous website visitors to know which accounts are coming to your site and that is safe or not.

Contact Discovery

Contact Discovery helps to keep your database accurate and current all the time while you can concentrate on the increasing volume of your business. 

IT Consulting Group provides you an experience and expertise team in this sector, along with tools that combine customer, product, and operational data to give comprehensive and specific data-driven solutions.

We understand the importance of the healthcare industry thus we provide a unique opportunity to leverage the transformational power of data and specific solutions with your unique challenges and opportunities in mind.

Lead Generation

With extensive experience, our globally certified team helps medical marketing firms with specialized medical lead generation and customer retention B2B programs.

Email Marketing

IT Consulting Group is a young, dynamic and technology-driven company that provides Enterprise solutions based on Digital Interactions from Online SMS and email marketing.
We provide you standard platforms that allow any client to quickly deploy any Email and SMS service.

Our email and SMS marketing platform has been built with some really useful tools:

  • ROBUST INFRASTRUCTURE: Our servers are designed to scale Bulk SMS without any software required so it is easy to use and you can log in from anywhere.
  • SMART TRACKING: You can track your important and urgent SMS and emails from anywhere.
  • ANALYTICS: We help you to track all reports & get an overview of the entire data at a time.
  • 24X7 ASSISTANCE: We’ll help with any questions you may have that helps to revolutionize your business. We are always there whenever you need us!
  • DATA SECURITY: The security and protection of the data held in our systems are important to you. We provide you the best and secure data security services.

Leverage the power of your business from our B2B marketing experts