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Medical Collection Processing

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Collecting outstanding balance from the patient is relevant for the financial condition of your practice hence, medical collection service is the most demanded service in the health care industry. There are many factors that are very crucial that make a healthcare provider decide while providing it the rising cost in the healthcare sector, can increase health insurance plans, otherwise patient has to suffer from financial burdens. This generates a substantial population of patients who cannot meet with their healthcare costs. Now it requires considerable time or any other resources to settle unpaid bills. Thus, if a company cannot focus on its core objectives and principal it will soon be an Organization or company with financial loses. There is an unbelievable fact that the topmost reason for US people to file bankruptcy is medical debts, hence in this way, health companies lose a considerable stack of amount every year.

IT Consulting are experts in the process of pursuing payments of debts owned by individuals for business organization or company. We are more focused on a medical collection strategy that helps to improve the collection, reduce costs, save time & maximize resources. We are the most transparent company that discusses each and every step of progress and process with its client regularly, we understand the value of keeping your patient’s information secure and we keep the things of all the terms between us and our prospective clients.

IT Consulting services provide a comprehensive range of outsourced collection services.

Services we provide:
  • Eligibility Verification or Pre-insurance Verification
  • Charge Entry Services
  • Period-end Closure of Books
  • Payment Posting Services
  • Accounts Receivable Follow-Up or Insurance regarding Follow-Up
  • Denial Management
  • Credit Balances
  • Reports
  • Medical Coding Services

Benefits of Medical Collection:

  • Save Your Time and Resources.
  • Debt recovery
  • Brings In Experts
  • Provides Documentation.
  • Takes Advantage of New Technology

We enable your business to achieve process efficiencies and accelerated growth