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Medical Data Entry Service

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Hospitals along with other medical facilities generate sustained data specifically about the patients, their treatments, account information, billing, and settlement records which is important to be stored in a proper manner. Monitoring and digitizing this data and making it electronically accessible that will help you in useful streamlining operations and rendering better patient care. We provide high-quality medical data entry services to hospitals, clinics, doctors and medical health insurance companies. IT Consulting offers your business to acquire operational efficiencies and maximize business growth by allowing you to focus on your core capabilities.

IT Consulting offer you an outsourced medical data entry services such as medical claims data entry, medical billing data entry and medical records data entry, with an accuracy and speed focus this helps your employees to focus on the main aspects of your organization. IT Consulting provide healthcare support services that reduce your costs and improve your resources and giving the best patient satisfaction.

Our dedicated and well-qualified team, work on data processing and management of your medical records in very less time. We provide you solutions as per your specific requirements. When you outsource your medical data entry project to us, we assure you to give the best quality services at competitive prices.

Why choose us?

Join hands with us IT consulting gives you the following advantages:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Advanced technology
  • Data Entry with correct medical terminology
  • Customized medical data entry service
  • Final outputs are verified by experts
  • Service and support you beyond your expectation
  • Providing a solution as per your needs
  • Helping you improve your business with efficiency and profitability

Our Medical Data Entry Services:

  • Hospital records
  • Tests or lab data records
  • Surgical treatment records
  • Medication records
  • Clinical and healthcare records
  • Patient details & chart information
  • Account and billing details
  • Medical insurance claim forms
  • Text and numeric data entry
  • Charge entries
  • Demographics entries
  • Handwritten/printed document data entry
  • Payment posting
  • Image record data entry

Our Medical Data Entry Process:

  • Understanding client need as per their requirement
  • Perform data entry as per requirement
  • Perform validation
  • Analysis and validation of data
  • Process data in designed and output formats
  • Result deliver to clients
  • Reviews of performance

Effortlessly manage all your important data information