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Healthcare Digital Marketing

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In today’s world no matter that you have an online presence for your health organization, the most important thing that matters is how strong you have a digital presence. Healthcare Digital Marketing is important to engage patients on social media, and also have the advantage of camping data analytics, patient engagement and loyalty are rapidly improved.

IT Consulting Group provides strategic and execution support to diagnostic & pathology laboratories, health & life insurance aggregators, and family health clinics. Let’s improve your healthcare business with our digital marketing solutions.

Why there is a need to adopt digital marketing in healthcare companies?

For better medical checkups and facilities consumers are searching online so much, that search engines are used by 77% of the patients before booking appointments. 26% of consumers use reviews generated by other patients to make decisions and 50% of consumers use health information sites, therefore the online communication or digital marketing gives you an exceptional result for your business.

Our Healthcare Digital Marketing sub-services:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media for Healthcare companies is necessary to service consumers who are looking for healthcare or medical service information online.  We understand the need to provide authentically, researched and curated medical information. We have been successful in social media marketing healthcare brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Email & SMS Marketing

IT Consulting Group is a young, dynamic and technology-driven company that provides Enterprise solutions based on Digital Interactions from Online SMS and email marketing.

We provide you standard platforms that allow any client to quickly deploy any Email and SMS service.

Web Designing

We understand the importance of lead generation and web designing that helps to increase your incremental revenue growth for healthcare businesses. We provide KPI driven approach to web design and development that will drive accountable performance for your business.


IT consulting focus on search engine optimization services for authoritative medical content and brand building on third-party aggregator platforms.


The branding is essential, especially in the healthcare sector. Healthcare decisions are highly personal. They impact our lives on a greater scale that ranges from basic quality of life to life-or-death. In healthcare, sector Branding builds trust beyond products and services.
IT Consulting Group research and helps you in marketing & branding that create and develop impactful brand strategies that drive meaningful results to your healthcare organization. We motivate your target audiences, grow the business, and build engaged and loyal supporters.

Grow your business today by online marketing with us