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Medical Billing Service

The major goal of Healthcare providers is to offer critical care services, optimized medical billing process primary focus area to ensure long-term operations and streamlining the complex collections process to overcoming continual declines in reimbursements. There is so many numbers of tasks that constitute the medical billing process and lead to the successful revenue generation cycle. IT Consulting is a leading Medical Billing Outsourcing Services company that helps to enable your business to accelerate and improve your revenue generation, reduce operational expenses and increase the efficiency of the organization.

IT consulting has dedicated experienced billing and collection experts which carry a depth knowledge of the various healthcare plans, billing processes, methods, and challenges. We use industry-standard technology and are well-versed with the use of different medical software to efficiently execute on-time medical billing and collections. We have extensive quality audit procedures in place to ensure that all payments and collections are made on time.

We provide you services that benefit from reduced staffing and cost overheads, our in-depth expertise, enhanced quality of the collection process helps in an increase in collections, reduction in rejections and reimbursed claims.

Why choose us?

Assured Accuracy

IT Consulting provides you the highest quality management standards and advanced technology to ensure that the outputs generated for your business are accurate and within the specified deadline.

Stringent Data Protection

IT Consulting has achieved ensure stringent data security measures in Protected Health Information, and all other confidential information.


IT Consulting deliver your project and resources as per your business requirement, with the appropriate outsourced manpower and technology allocated for your organization, any additional burden on your employees will be off-set and we focused on achieving mission-critical objectives.

Timely delivery

IT Consulting are trained to deliver timely results with significant time zone advantage by outsourcing to us. This will enable the revenue cycle to be optimized for your organization.

Services we provide:

Billing Analytics

IT Consulting helps you to track and monitor your productivity and building performance. We measure your performance indicators so that we can directly look for ways to find your practice revenue

Billing Task

IT Consulting provides a streamline for managing and completing all your billing tasks in one easy to use inbox.

Claim Tracking

We help you to monitor all your claims, check their status, and see what is being done to get you paid.

Managed Bills

We provide you different software and services that help to track and monitor your bills.

Support your way

Get support any way you want, we provide service and support wherever you need as well as you can contact us on the phone, call, emails or chats. We are there to help you 24*7.

We do the billing! So you can focus on the healing.