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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

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The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management is a beneficial service for all administrative that are required to capture, manage, and collect the money for medical services rendered to patients. Healthcare Revenue Cycle Billing Management is an end to end approach which assesses and manages all components in obtaining patient clinical information while creating a simplified, integrated workflow to ensure hassle-free claims approval.

IT Consulting Services have develop Revenue Cycle Management systems that involves modules like Clinical, Billing, PCP’s and Service Authorization, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payroll, Training and various other modules. We are the one who understands the domain well and with experience of building Revenue Cycle Management Systems, and can help to build solutions.

Services we provide:

  • Pre Visit Services: One of the most critical elements of delivering high-quality healthcare is efficient Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management processes, we also provide you the services like:
    • Patient Registration
    • Referral Verification
    • Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization
  • Supporting Services: Professional and timely credit balance handling is essential to keep a positive relationship with patients and insurance companies. We provide Leverage Access Healthcare’s relationships and proven best practices to keep your customers happy. We provide supporting services that are:
    • Claim Conversion
    • Medical Billing Specialist
    • Clinical Documentation Improvement
    • Claims Corrections and Refiling
  • Post visit services: For the post visit services we also provide some important services. We provide services that will help to achieve goals and team that exceeds understanding of your organization needs. Whether you are a medical billing company or a healthcare system, the end goal is to achieve best. We also provide services like:
    • Medical Coding
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Coding Audit
    • Claim Filling
    • Electronic Payment Posting
    • Manual Payment Posting